Fingerboard Gallery

I have created here an interesting gallery of near all possible shapes and interesting designs of wooden decks. Just here you will find the largest drift from the carefully prepared and carried things. It gives me a lot of work so dare yo to write negative commentary. Gallery is below. PS: Write commentary that you think is the best! Over time, will continue, because more interesting decks are still on the internet. Therefore check out site and one day surely something will appear. Its all from me, now (more…)

Shit hessens

Shit hessensVery good looking fingerboard contest named Shit Hessens (so something similar to shit happens) will be held in Frankfurt in Germany. Everything start at the Saturday 18.7.2009. Entry is near for free – 5 euro and there will definitely be a lot of famous fingerboard stars from all around the country. It will starts at 11 am. Two rounds with game of skate as a final round. If you want to go there, fill up the contact form on their official websites. See you there and good luck (more…)