EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2009 – report

efc 2009Here we are. EFC 2009 is successfully behind us, the end, final credits. After hard day in KD Ldv we found our winner. From my point of view we started at 9 o clock at the morning by preparing whole event for you. Parks must go up and thousands of other stuff too. Whole czech team plus some “happy” guys from +Blackriver-Ramps+ were working really hard to give you this event. At the 11 o’clock was whole event ready to get opened. 10 parks plus wooden pool Blackriver (more…)

Hit the Line!

videoWe have another video contest here! In this you need to land 3 difficult tricks in the one line. In the line so in one shot. Also you need to use at least one obstacle. Other things are up to you. This event is from Portugal action starts at 22. June and ends at 6. July. Registrations is for free, you simply need to send an email with direct link to the video on youtube. If you want to win some prizes, hit this contest and film some tricks. It is pretty easy and maybe you will win something (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Prostejov’s entertainment fair – report

Harrics We have a few information about fingerboarding in Prostejov. Ve can happily say that our tent was the most visitable tent in the place. Our place was created from this people: Koutek brothers, Wan?a, Dr.Speak, Honzayk, svobi and my brother. I’d like to say thank you for help. Everyone made its part of work for example wan?a really helps with kids because he explain ollie to everybody. We were ready there in about 7 o’clock and a tent was ready sometimes (more…)

Invitation to fair entertainment in Prost?jov

veletrh zbavyTomorrow from 8.30 to 16.00 o’clock will be interesting event held in the Prost?jov. On the same place of last year’s Bambiriada will Fbr.cz and Swat Skates have a fingerboard park available for fingerboarding, tests, competitions and stuff like that. Event is supported by Swat Distribution. So, if you are local rider in the Prostejov, you will definitely be there tomorrow. We will be answering questions and everything important. Dr.Speak and Honzayk featuring Kohoutek brothers and (more…)