Video: Harold Schons Fingerboard Tuning Tip

kamera.jpg Harold Schon aka Dirty Harry gave completely instructions in 3 parts, how to pretty easy assemble the entire fingerboard including so discussable topic – stick and cropping rip tape. In the video Harry speaks English, so its easy to understand I think. The videos are illustrative so everyone can handle building fingerboard completely from the basics and then take care of its maintenance. There should not be a problem, and if is, watch (more…)

Updated Fast Fingers 12 results

Till now all we know was only first 5 riders from Fast Fingers 12. Now we have pretty wide range of final people. As we can see, no Czech riders there, maybe next time. If you are not satisfied with your results, don’t worry, you can make it better next time because Fast Fingers is every year at the same time and the same place. Yep, if it world championship and even you can take a part in the final results. Hope to see some videos of photos from this fantastic event (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

How to set up Proparcs ramp

Foto Proparcs released a mini, but very clear photo help how to build ramps and specifically Low Quarter. If you are thinking about buying this ramp you need definitely see this guide because you can agree that to build this ramp is really easy. According to the steps of the image that simply coat the edges and fixed with adhesive tape. This should perhaps not everyone can handle? Well, if you’re not smartest, ask a friend to help you, put together and somehow it will (more…)

Video: Fingerboard Rendezvous 6!

kamera.jpgNow we have final and official video from Rendezvous vol. 6! Video is starting as the previous from 5th rendezvous. Someone is going to open the doors and he must run to not be caught by thousands of riders. In fact, we like this video very much. You can see that what was all this event about and what tricks are landed over there. Now just look forward to next year’s rendezvous. Hit the play button and watch all this event from the beginning to the end. Pretty nice video (more…)