How to prepare a competition?

howtoIf you are new in the fingerboarding community you are scared of going to real competition? There are many reasons why. Stress, “I don’t know anything” and many more. Than you start saying that it is so far to go there or just wrote one of that reasons. This article can help you because our supported named Cassia wrote a nice text about it and now you can read it and be not worried anymore. Just no stress and go happily to the (more…)

Photo: Elias Assmuth filming

AssmuthAs the photos suggest, something is going on! In such professional environments is not Elias Assmuth every day. Probably filmed a promotional spot, or some bigger great video? Only time will tell us more. Now we bring you insight into the filming studio where it all happens. As it seen, all in a slightly cramped conditions on a small park, but definitely something (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Fast Fingers 12

naradiLike every year the Fast Fingers will be huge event and the world championship at the same time. 23.5 by the 11 o’clock will be whole event started and you simply need to be there! As usual in the Schwarzenbach/saale – headquarters of the +Blackriver-Ramps+. Entry is for 10 euro but only if you want to race. Other have free entry. Main sponsors of the event are: BlackRiver-Ramps, BerlinWood, TechDeck, WinklerWheels, FlatFace and many (more…)

EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2009

efc 2009We would like to invite all riders to our contest and fingerboard meeting “European Fingerboard Cup 2009″. This happening is 27.6.2009 in Prague, organized by web, Swat Distribution and +blackriver-ramps+. Famous fingerboard personalities will appear, such as Elias Assmuth, Martin Winkler and more. If you are interested in promoting this happenig, we will be glad you let know your neighbourhood via these (more…)