Photo: Fbr Deathmatch

fotoSmall action with a lot of talented riders. Local races where of course was our photographer to bring us photos from the event. Met with quite a lot of riders who competed with each, course for prizes from sponsors but mainly on the status and honor in the community. Of course, the more races you win bigger chance to note the sponsors. It is therefore essential that you are watching the images instead of going to hone tricks you also began to place high on it to get noticed some (more…)

Actual info about Fingerboard deathmatch

fingerboard deathmatchWe have fresh news about upcoming Fingerboard Deathmatch so read closely: There will be two parks available. We are working on more ramps. If everything will be done by the plan, there will be mini ramps and a poll available too. Everything free for riding. Judges are Kari, Woodguest and Boban. You don’t need to be scared, these guys are professionals (more…)