Photo: Pocoloco

fotoPocoloco event was outdoors in the sun and nice. Yes, the weather was good. In front of the local skateshop we caught parks and music and then started the race itself. Killed a lot of tricks, some more and some less successful. Everyone fully enjoyed whole event because it was in hard relaxed rhythm. Photos below show that is simply sunshine, parks, obstacles, tricks, and friends. Well what more can this summer ask for? Maybe more events like this (more…)

Pocoloco contest – results

pocolocoEvent is in far past and after some technical problems we have small report and results. Weather was pretty awesome. But only 21 riders arrived and that is really low number. Why? Parks were good as well as music and weather. From qualification goes 10 riders which was 45 seconds long. Petr Pt?ek was definitely the best rider of the qualification. 5 riders goes to the finals – game of skate. Everything was in switch and nollie stance. And this is how it ended (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

PocoLoco Fingerboard Open Air 2008

pocolocoRight this Saturday is interesting event held in the Zln. Pocoloco open air will start at 13 o’clock at 13. September. This is late information but we can do nothing about it. More information are here: “PocoLoco SkateShop – T?da Tome Bati 31, Zln. All this stuff will start in about 10:00 and competition start at 13:45 so you can ride parks before event. You will ride in street style and first 4-6 will goes to the finals game of skate + best tricks. There will be three parks (more…)