Fingerboard Open Cup 2 – T?e?

fingerboard open cupWe are going to T?e?, where will be local races held at 20. September. T?e? is close to Jihlava. Race will start in about 13:00 o’clock. You can ride street and best trick. Last round (finals) will be in game of skate style. Entry for riders is 100 Czech Crowns. All this stuff will be available at the culture house on Fialkov 2 street. Doors will be closed in about 18:00 o’clock. There will probably be two parks and maybe a big mini. So, see you there (more…)

Video: TechDeck Cup

fotoTechDeck Cup is successfully behind us, and certainly agree with the fact that the action greatly succeeded. Hope that you enjoyed the action as well aswe are. All the parks, obstacles, fun, friends, good music. Everything in one place in community center – Ldv. Next year will certainly meet and hopefully also in large numbers and wide support. But now recall the event and look at the (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Photo: TechDeck Cup

fotoThe very first major contest, which we co-organized together with the partners of the event and the Swat Distribution. If you attended the event, you know that we are honored by the visitation of great rider, a star and a legend Martin Winkler. Of course, also showed what he can do, because he controls the fingerboard like nobody. Photographs generally tell what was going on, what was the participation and what parks are for the event occurred. All photos from Cup TechDeck, find (more…)