TechDeck fbr Cup 2008 – results

tech deck cupAfter a while of searching, finding, final controls and stuff like that we bring you final results, semifinals and finals. Judges were very objective and all of them were pretty sure about semifinals. Let’s be clear, judges: Libor tengl (woodguest), Honza Vondr?ek (drak), Luk Mikovec (Haso). Points goes up with using a whole park, all obstacles, with clean style and interesting tricks. At first we have result list from first round as judges gave them points (more…)

Techdeck fingerboard Cup 2008 – report

tech deck cupIs it few hours, when Techdeck fingerboard cup 2008 ends and I am glad to say little info for those has not been on this contest. It starts with hold-up-however. After addmisn to contest all of riders till run to contest parc.For sake of time absence, has not been allocation to categories. This think were be compensated (t-shirt for all of riders) Fully were 71 riders,which its good number. Starting grid difersived Adam Lakomy from Polland, of course Finga team, banditos team doesnt (more…)