Video: About fingerboarding on

Prima How it actually looks with fingerboarding? On this beautiful day meets Haso and Kari together to tell us something about fingerboarding in the Czech Republic, about how it all came into being and what this sport is about. We all know of course what this hobby is, and what we need for riding. Report is directed at the riders who start or, even more not started yet. So lets hit play (more…)

Home street spot

foto We have a top tip for DIY handy aka czech hands, as they always claim indeed. Unfortunately, this claim I have not noticed in the bohemia. Perhaps you, then swing to something extraordinary. These pictures own street spot of concrete in combination with painted kicker. Tasteful planting of bonsai adds “realism” and it is the purpose of “outdoor” look achieved. How else, these shots come from america, I do not know if there are people so bored or something. It’s (more…)