Prostejov – report

prost?jovIts Saturday 14.4.2007, 4 o’clock at the morning. Dark is everywhere, only streets lights are lighting my route, black cat ran across the street and the terrible screaming is coming to me from the park! The doors are opened and the Banditos team is ready to visit Morava, the part of the Czech Republic. Let’s start our vehicle to start long journey. Everyone is sleeping but driver must be awake all the time. Than we arrived to the Prostejov city, very clean (more…)

Ostrov City Contest – report

Yes, it is over and I am talking about Ostrov FINGERBOARD contest. As you all know the contest is located into Ostrov near to Macocha and in the basic school. From 15 registered people comes only 10 but who cares? Adam was main speaker of the contest and he kicked the atmosphere. Event started at 13:00 and in about 13:15 first rider landed first trick of the contest. First round was 45 second long for every rider and everybody have 2 chances to land best tricks. Best riders of the first round are Honza tefan and Honza Drak from T?eb?. 7 people is going directly to the semifinals which is 50 seconds long. There were a lot of nice tricks in the semifinals for example switch riding of Honza tefan or crazy freestyle of Radim ?undrk. When is this park over judges had a really hard work to choose only 4 of them. Honza tefan, Radim, Drak and Izzi are coming to the finals to take a chance to win some prizes. Lot of fantastic tricks and good style. All stances, switch nollie, no difference for finalists. After the finals there was also one more contest – best tricks. Results are available below.

STREET: 1. Honza tefan 2. Drak 3. Radim 4. Izzi 5.Matez 6. Martin 7. Vojta Tich 8. Zden?k Gl 9. Jan 10. Daffy

BEST-TRICK 1. Honza tefan 2. Izzi 3. Daffy

EFC Challenge Serial 6

T?eb? 2006 – report

So, 29.4. in Trebic in school Bartuska. This is the date and the location of Trebic 2006 contest. Official start was at the 13:00 but some guys were riding since 10:00. At the first we created small park only with Kari’s obstacles and than we took a Unite Park to the place. Organization was up to Drak, Radim, J.S., Sanny and speaker was Honza Stefan. Qualification starts at 13:30 and was divided into 2 rounds – each 30 seconds long (more…)

Fast Skateshop Fingerboard Contest Kojetn 2005 – report

3.12.2005 was the date when some people arrived to the Kojetn for fingerboard event. Whole stuff was created at the areal of Bowling city, where is also a bar, pizza, table football, bowling and the wooden miniramp. At the morning there were some people to get ready the audio and stuff around it. There was two parks. One was created from +Blackriver.Ramps+ obstacles and second was from nice czech brand United Ramps. Whole thing began at the (more…)

() si Tour Wien 23.5.2005 – report

All right. The whole thing started at 8:00 – 23.5.2005 at mine in Bratislava. Fero and family friend Edo came to pick us up to get ready for big trip to the Wien for Finger-Sk8 contest si tour 2005. Armed also with decks and other hardware we picked up a bus and go to the whole place. We are trying a whole tricks series in the bus and try to say the Sudtirolerplatz because this is our station. After we arrive to the place I found my home-made mam of my (more…)

Trebic 2005 – report

As usual the main sponsor of the contest was Swat so we had also a small shop there. Prizes was awesome because everyone earn something. Prizes like Berlinwood decks, Blackriver ramps and so on. You can bought a picknick table, boxes with rails, miniramp, clasic table and many more obstacles. Also you can choose from many many TechDeck fingerboards. Now just read how it was all about. If was nice event and hope to meet again (more…)