SNS Snobstyle GX3 Exotic LightWeight

SnobstyleNew Exotic GX3 LW Series Snobstyle Fingerboards. The new SNS GX3 Series brings you the professional responsive concave shape GX. It has perfect ratio for both grinding stability and response. GX series combines two important factors in one. Decent shortening of nose and tail for better stability and side concave trim for better response makes the SNS GX concave todays top product. SNS technology (more…)

Blackriver ramps: XGames Park

Blackriver ramps are involved in this European X-Games. And for this occasion, they made a special park. It isnt only park in type: Ok we made some park, that people wont say, we are pissed on it. Its really original new fresh idea and design. We believe, that you will like it as we. We appreciate, park is simmilar on both sides, so left handed riders arent discriminated. Photos of a park you can find bellow. Write comments and opinions about this park. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: EFC Challenge Serial vol. 3

Its a few months away from this traditional contest from EFC Challenge, which ran in EFC Fingerboard Club Prague space. Off course this action didnt run away from eye of camera and this is the final product. In a video you will see many interesting catches from the most important moments. Video clearly captures contest atmosphere, which was in really friendly spirit and this is the right way. Closer informations and details of a contests we wrote earlier (more…)

EFC Club: New park, Blackriver G10

European Fingerboard Clubs arsenal is now bigger. Ad always, it isnt only some small increase, but downright a new Blackriver ramps, parc G 10. One fact, that speaks for everything is, that this parc was the main in the famous Fast Fingers contest. Parc is totally ready for Saturdays Fingerboard Encounter contest, so if youre going there, you will be one of the firsts, who try this parc. Gallery of parc you can find bellow. (more…)

Retro: Pissing fingers 2

My friends, do you remember this legendary video? Today I tilt on that and I had to write this point. When I see this video now, I must laugh. Ellias Assmuth as a little kid, Taylor Rosenbauer the same. Timo Kranz in disco style and Martin Winkler with his “baldhead” idea or many more.I dont know how you, but I had played this video once a week. All movie you can find bellow and Id like from you to write some comments about what do you thing about (more…)

Winners Bollie designs

For sure you know that Bollie made design contest for their fingerboard deck. So as they said, it was very difficult to choose 5 best designs, beceause as they say, they got a lot of great designs. Now after hard deciding we have 5 winners as you can see below. I think I can choose my favourite here and all of that designs are very novel and thats great because new wawes of designs are nessesary. (more…)

New Blackriver rails

new blackriver railBlackriver company invented 7 new rails. For me, the most interesting rail is a T rail and a L rail, it should be good for trying difficult combinations. Also a shotgun rail is a new one, and pole rail with a red colour. Blackriver finally made a low rail in black colour which everyone wanted for years. Now you can order all of them at Swat shop link here. (more…)

Blackriver Trucks White Baseplate

blackriver trucks first aid kit hanger whiteFirst professional fingerboard trucks have another replacement kit. By popular request the first aid sets for the BRR Trucks and BRR Trucks 2.0 have been expanded. Single baseplates (incl. The kingpin with a standard nut) are available. Reuse the pivotcup, the bushings, the washers, and the hanger from the old truck and mount it to the new baseplate. Broken baseplates no longer require a brand new set of BRR Trucks. (more…)

Preview: SNS Snobstyle GX Engraved

SnobstyleToday, we got a few pictures of the new improved edition of the Snobstyle GX decks. They look really fantastic. In addition, they have engraved SNS logo on the bottom layer. So, it is engraved edition. To make matters worse, the shape and dimension are edited to accommodate the needs of riders. The board has enjoyed improvements in particular dimensions. It’s really hilarious board and I am personally looking forward to get one in my hand. This edition (more…)

Review: SnobStyle GX

snsWe recently got hands on the new GX SnobStyle series. Today we look at it from near and for all the details. If you order this new product, you will not regret it. Comes to you in a nice box with tape – Propaganda response tape. There is a choice of two colors and four designs. Of course, the boards are available in complete versions with propaganda trucks. GX series from the previous version offers only a concave shape, which we considered an advantage, because they focused only on the (more…)

Review: Propaganda Kim’s trucks

Kims I have brand new Propaganda Industries trucks on my deck right now. Kim’s trucks are in the middle called the Mid-End category. We have a choice of 6 colors for beautiful price. To make matters worse, so for the same price get too golden Propaganda Industries screws (8x) and nuts (4x), which is really worth. You do not have to worry that the trucks did not fit on your deck because it meets all latest standarts. In addition, your board dont need to have a hole for kingpin. Color is (more…)

Review: New Harrier

Harriera In oticed not long time ago that i have one unique Harrier ram for a test. The time is fulfilled, and now we have small review. You can now read in peace and see great photos, arranged by Jakub ‘havy’ Hofhanzl. So let’s see. The first time I got an obstacle in your hand it was quite a small affair. It measures approximately 14 cm in length, 6,5 wide and high is something about four inches. The radius and the back sidehave engrained sample simulating the structure of a brick wall, which I was quite (more…)