Video: How To: No Comply

Great idea from Hannes Hay. It´s great, that people are creating video tips to tricks, but it´s more great, that he made a tricktip about non convence trick, which si really significant between other tricks. Hannes made it really clearly. He showed this trick many times, then he explained all trick process and in the end he showed no comply again. Moreover, his camera work is also great. So if you want to know, how to no comply, this is your clear choice. (more…)

Retro: TechDeck tutorial

Do you remember this video? It´s a long time when this bible for an amateurs beholded the shine of a sun. Everyone of us seen this and everyone repeated this, until we had understand that “magic” ollie like that guy in a higher classroom. This 10 minutes long video, showed us everything then what we needed. This guy with a “sleeping” voice told us everything what we needed, so we could make the first “magic” ollie step in ours fingerboard starts.

. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: How to nollie flip

Absolutely you can´t tell that Taylor Rosenbauer is bored or he is doing nothing. He´s making tricktips constantly and quality is still on a great level. Thank´s to his good fingerboard skills, he can teach harder tricks too. And one of these is today´s nollie flip. As before, video starts with introdution and split screen with trick in many variants. Then is the lesson with a great slowmotions (thank you Disney) In the end are examples. You can see trick in all angles so it´s the best for learning this trick. Good luck. (more…)

Tricktip: Switch kickflip

Next result of cooperation Taylor Rosenbauer with Disney. Taylor with their name and camera made a lot of tricktips and the next in series is about switch kickflip. Taylor first showing trick with split screen, where you can see trick in a lots of variations and a lots of ramps on the all manners. Next Taylor speaks theory of making trick and in the end trick round and round, include slowmotion. In combination of a beautifull camera and Taylor skills you can´t find a better tricktip. (more…)

Video: One finger tricks

And one curiosity for the morning. However I couldn´t find the name of author, but you should see this curiosity. As the title saying, in video you can see one finger tricks or drops. Very original and it had to be a rough work and a lot of training. If he show some of that tricks on contest, I hope, he will get some special points. Video has only ew seconds, but nevermind. All video is (I guess) in the kitchen with marble and wooden ramps. (more…)

Trickipedia: Fs Pop Shuveit

videoIf there is someone who don’t know how to land Fs Pop Shoveit, well Kemy Hunsinger is here to show us what is going on. This trick is really easy. You only need a few minutes of practise and it will be there for sure. Just watch the video and see how fingers and hand goes around the deck. Than simply land that trick. After a while you will know this trick like a boss and can combine with other tricks like grinds and manuals. See you on another tricktipedia by The Dirty Harry (more…)

Trickipedia: Varial Heelflip

videoDimitri Schlotthauer will show us what does it mean to know how to land the Varial Heelflip in this video. If you want to learn something new on the fingerboard and still don’t know how to land Varial Heelflip, than you are right here today. This trick is pretty easy in fact. You don’t even need to know how to land heelflip. It is pretty easy to land varhell. The video will tell you more so grab your fingerboard and start learning, trying and stuff. Good luck with it (more…)

Trickipedia: No Comply

No ComplyNils Förster will show us pretty interesting trick in the another part of The Dirty Harry’s trickipedia. What trick will you learn today? No Comply is a serious problem for your fingers because this trick is really hard to land. Looking easy in the video but it is not that easy as it looks like. Nils Förster will show you how to do that like him. If you will learn this stuff, let us know for example in the video. Now just hit the button, grab your fingerboard and start to learn (more…)

Trickipedia: Nollie Heelflip

Nollie HeelflipSebastian Schulze will show us how should nollie heelflip, one of the most hard tricks what can be landed on the fingerboard, looks like in this part of Trickipedia. If you want to land this trick you only need to find the right fingers stance and right moves what will bring you right rotation of the fingerboard. This video will tell you how you can do it. Just grab your fingerboard, sit down, play this video as much as you want and start to learn this trick. It looks pretty sick in the videos (more…)

Trickipedia: Fakie Bigspin Kickflip

Fakie Bigspin KickflipMarcel Butschke and The Dirty Harry will show us what is all about to know how to land a Fakie Bigspin Kickflip. This trick is a little bit tricky but you can learn it too. All you need to know is fakie flip, after that you will add some special rotations to the trick and land it like a boss. You can revert it but it is not that effective like Marcel landed it. So, pick up your fingerboard, get ready your fingers and practise, practise, practise. See you in another trickipedia from The Dirty Harry (more…)

Trickipedia: 360 Pop Shoveit

Pop ShoveitThe Dirty Harry is here with another trickipedia. Aleks Lüloff will show us how to 360 Pop Shoveit which will definitely takes a lot of time to learn. It is difficult trick but you can land it too. What we have next here? Marble as an environment and some angles of filming, as usual. But it is in good style and very clean. That is why you need to watch it right now and than take your fingerboard and go practise this trick. Stay tuned for another tricktipedia in the future (more…)

Trickipedia: Switch 360 Flip

Pop ShoveitThe Dirty Harry uploaded a few interesting videos where he filmed some riders and some tricks. This whole stuff is called Trickipedia and you can take a look on each part here. This time we have Switch 360 Flip. This trick is not that easy as looks like in the video. All you need to do is keep good fingers positions on the deck. Julian Bueno will show you how to do that in the video. Let’s start practising and don’t worry, you will land it by the time! It is not impossible (more…)

Tricktip: Pop Shoveit

Pop ShoveitWe have another tricktip for you. Today we will tell you what you need to know about Pop Shoveit to successfully land it. Also, Pop Shoveit can be combined with a lot of tricks for example Bigspin. It is basic tricks and everyone should know it. If you don’t know it, we have small tutorial to tell you what you need to learn about Pop Shoveit. It is pretty easy. And when you learn it, you will open a choice to learn even more tricks connected with Pop Shoveit. Now just read and (more…)

Tricktip: Nollie Kickflip

Nollie KickflipYou should know how to land last tricks co we are here to tell you how to land another one. Today we will talk about Nollie Kickflip. It is pretty easy trick and offers a lot of variations for example with backside or frontside and of course with grinds and another stuff. So, if you want to learn something new and still don’t know how to kick nollie kickflip, you are right here because Snobstyle Fingerboards team rider Lukas Hofhanzl will show us how should nollie flip looks like. It is really easy (more…)