Fingerboarder magazine: Stefan Klauser

Fingerboarder magazine in his online figure is continuing with traditional interview in number 5. 5 best things, 5 worst things and other-but all of you know. As always it has a form of short, but high quality post. Stefan is for example advises 5 things for berginers, which will apprise a many of us like advice: you have to go to the contest. Here youll get the best motivation and experiences. This and many more is absolutely true and all of this you can find HERE: (more…)

New Fingerboarder magazine interview

On online version of the famous Fingerboarder magazine has shown a new interview with also famous Elias Assmuth! Interview is all about number 5. Always the best 5 fingerboard videos, things, experiences etc..We are recomemnding you to read it. Link you can find bellow. We like there one story, when Elias gave the first autograph. Finally its seen, that fingerboarding isnt underground sport. Post you can read HERE: (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Fbr in news

On the ASI Berlin facebook I saw an amazing video from year 2000, which shows that in this fingerboard power like Germany knows underground time. Video is from report of german television, where communistic looking reporter with communistick looking skateboard shows report about, in this time new sport, off course fingerboarding. This our lovely sport is showing Timo Kranz in age, that he couldnt buy himself a beer in pub. Second proof of underground is ramps where Timo dont want to ride this time. (more…)

Interview: Thomas Hansen about +Blackriver trucks+

BRR TrucksThomas Hansen, as the most called man on the +Blackriver Trucks+ topic made ?us ?a very interesting interview about the already mentioned Blackriver Trucks. We already had a chance to see them on Thomas’s fingerboard at the EFC. Thomas himself gave me some information about this brand new product. You can find it here. We asked on everything unexplained and new. And now you have the opportunity to read all features of trucks from the ground up to the last nut. We wish you will like it (more…)