Video: Ladronka Fest 2013

Ladronka Fest 2013Fresh new EFC Community video from one of the largest leissure fesival in cental europe, Ladronka Fest. Beatifull later summer day, lot’s of fingerboarding and chilling atmosphere. More information about Ladronka fest we bring you in one of the articles. (more…)

Video: European Fingerboard Club – Prague

After Fingerboard Encounter contest, where was Harry the honest guest, was a small night session, where Harry created this awesome video. Video will nicely show you, it was kind session with a lot of fun. In video you can see riders: Martin Hluchy, Lukas Vorechovsky, but Harry himself too. However, thanks to the fact, that Harry created this catches, he is seen here only short time. But we have catches of him from a second camera, so after cut process you will see him in our next video. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Fast Fingers 16

We have seen a milion of a videos from Fast Fingers 16. This video is on the internet since today, but because of his quality, we have to post it here. A small problem of that milion videos is, that videos didnt shown the whole contest. Only some sessions, but no contest rides. This video is different. The most of catches are from rides of amazing riders orsolemnly proclaimancy. And then some catches from other parts of contest. (more…)


Fingerboarding is worldwide few years and now we see, that fingerboarding isnt dead in Polland. Katowice city was the place of Grand Fingers Contest, which was made in local skatepark. Krzysiek Kozi?ski made a video report for us. Interesting thing is a “colorful” park, where is everything, with (however) plastic ramps. But this is only a small negative and colorful is also a list of riders, so as always: many styles, many tricks and original ideas. (more…)

Best trick contest

Today we have for you another contest anouncement, this time from Germany. Its fourth part of Best trick contest made from Blackriver ramps, traditionally in Blackriver store, Berlin. Whole action is in 20. July and you can look forward for awesome parks, fingerboard stars and very good atmosphere. For registration or other info please read poster bellow. (more…)

Crossed Fingers 2

Cadency of Crossed Fingers contest is pretty big. Its only few months from Crossed fingers sessions and we have an official anouncement of second Crossed contest. All action will run in 31. August, so its a great leave of summer holidays. Absolutely inviting is prize money, 200 Pounds. Sponsors are inviting too. Here we cant miss Swat-Shop, Propaganda or Snobstyle Decks. For another info, read the poster bellow. (more…)

Fingerboard Encounter (AAR)

Fingerboard EncounterOn day 22.6. was organised Fingerboard Encounter Contest, where came an abroad support, Harald Schn from ASI Berlin Team. Club doors were open from 11 a.m. and whole contest was started at 1 p.m. and ended at 6 p.m. Contest was assembled from 2 sections. The first one was for 45 seconds and ended with last trick, which rider had to draw. Second section was a parc section, where riders choosed any trick. To the second round came the best 10 (more…)

Video: Fingerboard Rendezvous 15

This is really big load of fingerboarding! It all made Chris Kraft and 16 minutes of catches are speaking themselves. Thanks to this lenght, you can look forward for really everything, what should be in a Fingerboard Rendezvous video. A lot of parcs, riders and off course Blackriver ramps team. Only bad thing is sometimes the bad quality of video. Exept this is video awesome, so have wish to you a lot of fun. (more…)

Fingerboard Encounter: Results

Prague contest Fingerboard Encounter is behind us and we are bringing you the results. It arent complete results, but “only” the first five of the best. On the other ones you have to wait some time. Off course you can look forward for a complete report, official video and photos. In report we will describe atmosphere or how was the visit from Timo Kranz. Now the results. The winner is Marketa Dockalova! Contugratulations. Complete results bellow. (more…)

Video: EFC Challenge Serial vol. 3

Its a few months away from this traditional contest from EFC Challenge, which ran in EFC Fingerboard Club Prague space. Off course this action didnt run away from eye of camera and this is the final product. In a video you will see many interesting catches from the most important moments. Video clearly captures contest atmosphere, which was in really friendly spirit and this is the right way. Closer informations and details of a contests we wrote earlier (more…)

EFC Club: New park, Blackriver G10

European Fingerboard Clubs arsenal is now bigger. Ad always, it isnt only some small increase, but downright a new Blackriver ramps, parc G 10. One fact, that speaks for everything is, that this parc was the main in the famous Fast Fingers contest. Parc is totally ready for Saturdays Fingerboard Encounter contest, so if youre going there, you will be one of the firsts, who try this parc. Gallery of parc you can find bellow. (more…)

Video: Flatface Store Session

I have to repeat myselft again. Because this video made Mike Schneider and here I cant write something new. It is every time the same perfection. Only thing we sometimes doesnt like, is used music, but in 99% its pure perfection. This video isnt exception. Its from Flatface Store session, so you can look forward for almost 5 minutes of high quality fun from this amazing contest. (more…)

Video: Fast Fingers 16

Thomas Schwarz made a new video from Fast Fingers and we have to say, that its really good job. Maybe you are thinking about, why he posted it yesterday, so late, but you will understand. Because this had to be a hard work, so you can look forward for 3 minutes of high quality fingerboarding. Video isnt from whole contest, but it caught everything before and after contest. You will see all of many awesomes parcs or Blackriver outdoor spot. (more…)

Fast Fingers 16 Summary

It is another day from this famous contest and we have another informations and videos from that. The main information is the full results. The videos are both from FingerboardTV. so thank you guys for this quick video service. First video is the final battle, which won Petr Ptacek. As you can see, for the final Blackriver made unique park, which is for left and right handed. The same conditions for all. Awesome! Next video is a collection of catches from Fast Fingers. (more…)