SNS Snobstyle GX3 Exotic LightWeight

SnobstyleNew Exotic GX3 LW Series Snobstyle Fingerboards. The new SNS GX3 Series brings you the professional responsive concave shape GX. It has perfect ratio for both grinding stability and response. GX series combines two important factors in one. Decent shortening of nose and tail for better stability and side concave trim for better response makes the SNS GX concave todays top product. SNS technology (more…)

Video: AAGUAA ? – FingerWakeSkate

We have written some posts about this amazing thing. We also think, that this Wake Skate is very actual. Summer is here and everyone totally know, how use this gadget (?). Every aquaparc has some spots for this Wake skate. There is a lot of radiueses or rails. And exactly this you will see in a video. Really big usage. You can make every flip or slade. But you will see it, so enjoy.


EFC Challenge Serial 6

EFC Club: New park, Blackriver G10

European Fingerboard Clubs arsenal is now bigger. Ad always, it isnt only some small increase, but downright a new Blackriver ramps, parc G 10. One fact, that speaks for everything is, that this parc was the main in the famous Fast Fingers contest. Parc is totally ready for Saturdays Fingerboard Encounter contest, so if youre going there, you will be one of the firsts, who try this parc. Gallery of parc you can find bellow. (more…)

Winkler Wheels 2.0 Signatures

Winkler Wheels company has always been in elite companies of this fingerboarding segment. They were always established the trend. Now Winkler Wheels made this new Signatures edition, with a new mold, better material and good crafting. If you are interested in this new edition, we have a good news for you. Wheels are on stock. You can buy them on SWAT e-shop here or in an European Fingerboard Club, Prague, here. Wheels gallery bellow. (more…)

New Harrier Ramps

If you like these awsome ramps with street design like we, we have a good news for you. As you absolutely know, Harrier company made a new series of these ramps and all of them are now on stock on Swat shop. Fact, that ramps are awesome again you can confirm on Swat shop website or on a photo bellow. If you would like to buy new Harriers you can do it on a Swat shop link here or in European Fingerboard Club Prague here. (more…)

Blackriver ramps: Pocket Quarter

Blackriver ramps is last months really active company and it confirms this news, new ramp Pocket Quarter. This ramp is exactly for people, who havent got so much space in a house and they want to have professional ramp. If you are one of those, or you just want to have it, we have a good news for you. You can buy it on a SWAT-SHOP here or in the European Fingerboard Club Prague here. If you would like to check over this ramp, you can do it bellow. (more…)

Oak Wheels on Swat Shop

Good news for everyone, who loves this company. Now you can buy new designs of Oak Wheels on SWAT-SHOP. As you can see on a photo bellow, this wheels are quite different with designs, so if you would like to try something different, this is the right thing to try. If you would like to check over or buy this stuff, you can do it on SWAT e-shop here or in an European Fingerboard Club Prague here. (more…)

Blackriver Red Edition on Swat Shop

As write webpage Blackriver ramps, red is color of love, danger and traffic. About this ramps means this color only thing. Better choice for you. It isnt only marketing coup, evidences one fact. Ramps have the same prize like classic ramps. Briefly and clearly. In Blackriver ramps they have decided, about making some ramps in red color in limited edition. Now this edition is available in swat-shop here. (more…)

Video: Propaganda Industries by Tim Egner

Tim Egner posted today this amazing video featuring Response tape from Propaganda industries. Technically is this really great. Master choice of sound, great catches and proffesional lighting, whicha gave a good felling to video. About trick Tim didnt invented crazy stuff, but there are simpler combos abot 2 elements with great style. Really entertaining. Tim used simple ramps on a table filled with necessarily flowers. Have a fun. (more…)

Video: Walltip

Street and concrete ramps are last years in a big boom. Few years ago it has started Bonsei Concrete and later Harriers. Now its different. You have a big sort of these ramps like a Beautiful Stoned Obstacles or this new thing from Yellow wood. Its clear, that ramp is named Walltip. And this ramp is just incredible. When youll see this video, you will want it. We want this ramp too. Walltip is just a big piece of style and good factory work. (more…)

Support Your Local Skateshop

Blackriver ramps have a new project. Its all about new limited edition of ramps. All it have one rub. You can buy it only in your local store. Next word is from Blackriver ramps webpage: We present the shown ramps in the context of our ‘Support-your-local-skateshop’ program. These ramps will only be available in your local skateshops, they won’t be sold online ? not even at the Blackriver webshop! So what’s the deal with this ‘Support-your-local-skateshop’ program? (more…)

Fingerboarder magazine online

A great news for these, who didnt read it or didnt have a occasion for a buy this amazing magazine. Fingerboarder magazine is going online. On the website you can see all old articles from the first issues. All issues are filled with extra photos and videos. A great bonus is that guys from Fingerboarder magazine also making a new posts, that wasnt in issues, so its worth to visit this website. (more…)

New products from +Blackriver ramps+

Blackriver is pushing on last time, from Bollie to Berlin wood you can see new thing with little time distances. In this point Id like to show 2 new products. Kink ledge curb limited and Kink ledge low double set cut. Its hard to describe this ramps so better for you is click on the gallery bellow. As the photos says, on the world is only 100 pieces of this ramps so I recomend you, if you want to buy this amazing stuff, go HERE and buy, as fast as you can. (more…)

Video: Multi ad

Jeldo Uptis and Adrian Witzel made something, that isnt so often and its multiadvert. This companies are partners, but equally it isnt normal. Advert applies on Flatface, Blackriver ramps and Berlinwood. Like every advert from this companies, is this on really great level. As camera, to audio and off course riders. Again you can see darkness, light on Blackriver park and beautiful tricks. (more…)