Wordbook: Tricks

Wordbook: TricksWe are opening new category called Wordbook for you. Everything what is in some way connected with fingerboarding you will find explained here by the time. From obstacles, equipment, tricks to riding styles and many more. In first article we take a look at most basic thing – tricks. Every rider should know names of tricks. It is not very difficult and in many time you can deduce it by yourself. Of course, everyone have favorite tricks but there are most basic rotation which should (more…)

Wordbook – coming soon

WordbookWe bring you a new category called wordbook. What is all about? All materials about fingerboarding, concepts and unexplained things that you can meet. We will explain all important parts to you. So if you don’t know something or have no idea what fingerboarding is, here you will learn everything you need about every part in fingerboarding. We will publish first post very soon so stay tunned and don’t miss anything. Hope, you will learn something from (more…)